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The Little Things


Oh deary me, I am officially the world’s greatest procrastinator! I blame the stars at my time of birth – I am a Libran and indecisive. I have to blame something, right?


My excuse for not publishing sooner has always been ‘I’m gathering writing material.’ This has also become my excuse for travelling and living a somewhat nomadic life on the inside. In my mind, I’m always in about ten places at once – if anyone dare invaded my mind, they’d be – well exhausted, and I would be amused.


I have been writing since I was about eleven years old. I’ve always had the biggest fear of losing my mind and here I am, finally I’ve realised that it is now or never.


‘Nomadic Natty’ is wandering on your computer screens to inspire readers to get out there and embrace the adrenalin rush of the unknown and this wonderful world we live in – to be that match stick that ignites that fire you need, to tightly close your eyes (if you must) and just jump. How can we possibly know where we really fit in this world and which lifestyle suits us, if we were to stay grounded? If you are beginning to wake up in the mornings and find yourself saying ‘meh’ or thinking ‘what the hell am I doing? – this doesn’t feel right’ – it is time for a change. I am a strong believer that heartaches are opportunities to grow and help us to know ourselves. The lessons of heartaches are cloaked in the ugly and dark jacket of inevitable change. When the wind comes and makes us shiver, it is simply time to move on. We cannot just accept ‘normal life progression’ as society sees fit.


I encourage you to learn, spread the love, and of course share the laughter. I can promise you will not recognise yourself; you will uncover your fears and view life with a completely different pair of eyes. You will meet incredible souls walking all over the world who are singing the same song in their own heart as you are in yours. Just take comfort that there is a deeper, spiritual timing as to why you are crossing paths. Will they teach you crucial life lessons? Absolutely! You will roam through cobblestone streets and inhale the sweet aromas of foreign food that your nostalgic tastebuds will crave in years to come.


“Time is a traveler. Where did it go? It left, but it didn’t leave you empty handed. No! It left you with the gift of beautiful memories that you can keep in your heart for safe keeping, to cherish forever, and ever.” Jane Adams.


To paint the picture, life always seemed to get the better of me, as does time, that forever seems to slip through my fingers, whether it be through the inconvenience of traffic, the heartache of death, or ultimately when I am stuck in a rut in my own subconscious, where I cannot break free from the ticking of my own mind because it is filled with premonitions and vivid dreams.


Nomadic Natty is a collection of my travel stories, recommendations and everything in between, from city to sea, food to drinks and notes I have made whilst travelling about all those five minute friends I made along the way, who were gone too quickly before they could hear what my mind thought and my heart felt, or read what I wrote after our encounter.


I have wanted to publish my writing since I could put pen to paper, not for the sake of being an international best-seller, but simply for the sake of releasing my passion and allowing us to all to perhaps look at our lives on a deeper level and listen to that inner voice and intuition which will never fail us, but yet perhaps we don’t trust enough.


I write to extend my appreciation to all those mentioned in these countless entries to come. I have met and been surrounded by such wonderful, inspirational people and places that have emotionally moved me and enriched my life with culture, gratitude, education and memories.


Words could never summarise the decade that was my 20s. Two days shy of my 30th birthday, I sat, pondering – grateful for the life my parents breathed into me; grateful for the opportunities I’ve had the strength to grasp; and grateful for the many people who have crossed my path and contributed to my personal growth.


The Saturday, prior to my big 3‐0 birthday, (I still don’t quite understand what the big hype is all about), was supposed to be a grand event. I have never really celebrated a birthday or had a massive party. In true Libran style, my birthdays have always been last minute affairs where I’ve had one too many before everyone arrives. But this birthday was hardly how I planned on celebrating. Just one week before the big day, my father suffered a devastating and severe stroke and was laying in intensive care, paralysed on the left side of his body, and only able to communicate through his right hand and foot. He became an expert at giving the thumbs up. Needless to say, in one word, I was broken, and Dad was fighting.


It has since dawned on me that life is, by no means, permanent, and one must accept what journey life presents: simply walk the path and try to live every single day for exactly what it is: The Now.


As I reflect on the woman I am today, in the mirror I see someone who has given it as much as she could at the time, someone who has evolved and embraced cultures, friendships and family. I see a woman who has not always walked the safe road; a woman who relied on self talk and her instincts, and a woman who deeply internalises her emotions.


I am addicted to travel: for what I can learn; for what I can teach; and for those who cross my path.


Above all else, it is a discovery of me and how the little things, really are the big things.


Welcome to Nomadic Natty!